Over the past 18 months, Port Authority has heard from nearly 8,000 riders
seeking a transit system that is more accessible and affordable.

Based on those recommendations, we’ve developed a plan we believe will make riding faster, simpler and easier.

The ConnectCard

Jerry: “Big changes are coming for us Port Authority riders.”

Beginning January 1, 2017, using a ConnectCard will save you money and provide opportunities not available to cash-paying riders.

With a Port Authority ConnectCard you will pay a discounted fare of $2.50 per ride,
while cash customers will be charged $2.75 at the farebox.

You will also need a ConnectCard if your commute requires a transfer. Paper transfers are going away,
so without a ConnectCard you will pay an additional $2.75 (full fare) to reach your final destination.

Get your ConnectCard now while it’s still free. Soon, you will be charged $1 for a new card
at Port Authority’s Downtown Service Center and at over 70 select Port Authority retail locations.

One Zone/Flat Fare

Mike: “No more three zones? Even in the suburbs?”

One way we’re proposing to make riding simpler and easier is to make the entire Port Authority system one zone!

When you use your ConnectCard, you’ll pay a flat fare of $2.50 regardless of the distance you travel.

Pay As You Enter

Alyssa: “That’s the deal. That’ll keep things flowing.”

Should you pay when you’re headed inbound? Outbound? What about in Downtown before 7PM?

Let’s eliminate the confusion and make it simple. Pay when you board the bus
regardless of direction or time of day. It's that simple.

It will be more efficient, too, as you will board and tap your ConnectCard
in the front of the bus and exit through the back doors.

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